Exercise Resources Roundup

Making food choices with the best possible nutrition is an important part of being healthy, but we can’t ignore the big E. Exercise. Getting enough movement is important for everything from disease prevention to brain health. To help you make the best decisions for your health, we’ve put together a few resources that will help you make informed choices about what kind of movement you should be getting and when.

Bike / Sheffield tiger / CC BY 2.0

Let’s Move!

The First Lady’s initiative to build more active communities breaks the information down into easy-to-follow pieces to help you and your family get active. What’s more, the site has great ideas for becoming more active in meaningful ways whether you’re working on you family, your school or your entire community.

Medline Plus – Exercise & Physical Fitness

A service of the National Institutes of Health, the resources page for exercise on the Medline Plus site is a trustworthy source of information and instructions. On top of pointing you to the studies that show why you should be active, the site overs a bounty of specific guides to getting active based on age, weight and a variety of medical conditions.


If you’re looking for inspiration, explanations of workouts, review of new types of workouts or just general encouragement in you efforts to be more fit, Greatist is a good blog to glance at. Do be mindful of what you’re ready for–the workouts on Greatist range from novice to advanced and choosing the right level for you is important for preventing injury.