A Walk in the Park

Did you know it’s National Park Week? Exploring a national park is a great way to get in some extra activity as a family, especially as the spring weather entices us to venture outside. Take a look at the National Park Service park locator to find a park near you to enjoy some excellent family time. Not convinced? Here are a few more reasons to plan a trip to a national park.

Grand Canyon National Park: Kolb Studio Sunset 0131
Grand Canyon National Park / National Park Service / CC BY 2.0

Fee-Free Days

National parks are free on a few special holidays, including the entirety of National Park Week! Check out the full fee-free days listing to plan an inexpensive family outing. Even on regular days, remember that going to a national park will almost always be less expensive than a trip to the movies or a theme park where it’s hard to avoid candy, soda and fried food.

Picnic Perfect

Not only are picnics more exciting than sitting on a bench at a theme park, they give you complete control over your family’s nutrition. Pack some simple and inexpensive faire, like roasted almonds, Chickpea Pesto Sandwiches and whole fruit. Let your kids help with the planning by letting them choose snacks from the store that earn Guiding Stars.

Screen-Free Week

Screen-free week is nearly upon us, and pulling your family away from their favorite shows and games can be a battle. Make the effort more exciting by working together to plan an adventure to a national park you might not normally venture out to visit or challenging yourselves to try a trail that’s a little tougher than the one you normally take.