Food Science with a Nutritious Twist

As we’ve been exploring science through food this month, we haven’t spent much time exploring food with science. With these two fantastic experiments presented by The Learning Channel, however, we can start to take a look at how our bodies process food to help kids begin to understand some important foundations of nutrition science.

Red and blue substances in transparent test tubes
Red and blue substances in transparent test tubes / Horia Varlan / CC BY

Sugar Buzz

Why is sugar not the healthiest option? By demonstrating the rate at which different substances dissolve into water, this experiment helps kids explore the idea that sugar doesn’t provide a long-lasting source of energy for our bodies.

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Spit Don’t Quit

Saliva is an important part of this digestive process, as this easy experiment clearly shows. If you’ve got kids who love to spit, this activity is a productive way to channel their enthusiasm.

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