Bored With Your Healthy Recipes?

Sure, I write healthy recipes for a living, and over the past few years, I’ve created quite a collection at But like you, I’m always on the lookout for new things to prepare for my family and find inspiration for my work.

In the thirteen years that I’ve been trying to keep my kids’ diet healthy, I’ve come across some real duds. But I’ve also discovered some amazing sites that make the job a bit easier and take the pressure off my creative reserves when I’m not feeling on top of my game.


My top three websites:

Cooking Light

This site, from the same editors as Food and Wine, has thousands of recipes that are designed to reduce calories and fat without sacrificing taste. You’ll also find tons of articles and how-to’s to make your time in the kitchen easier. There’s even an “In Season” section to guide your choices.

Food Network

Many people don’t know that this site has an entire section completely dedicated to nutritious eating. There is a section that sorts recipes based on dietary restrictions (low carb, vegetarian, etc.) as well as by allergens like gluten. The “Healthy Dinner for Two” page has great suggestions for a healthy date night.

All Recipes

I always point people here when I’m asked where the best place is to find no-fail recipes for the simple fact that their active user rating system pretty much guarantees a winning recipe. Look for five star recipes and you won’t go wrong. Their healthy recipes page features a “Low Calorie Menus” section, where you can peruse multi-meal plans to make planning your week easy.

Of course, my recipes and hundreds more are available on Guiding Stars’ website, as is the Food Finder, a database that lists the nutritional information for thousands of ingredients and food products.