Watermelon Art

Before watermelons go out of season, you might want to pick up a couple extra and play around with some new techniques for creating lovely centerpieces. There are a wealth of video demonstrations and instructions for creating some rather exquisite art from fruit.

Watermelon rose
Watermelon Rose / David Sim / CC BY 2.0

Watermelon Roses

A mesmerizing demonstration video from carvingfruits.com takes you from watermelon to detailed roses in about four minutes with a high-speed walkthrough of the steps and entrancing background music.

Watermelon Basket

If you’d like to actually eat most of the watermelon, or if you’re not quite ready to brave the complexity of a sculpture piece like the roses, you can still have fun with your fruit with  the help of a video tutorial on making simple watermelon baskets from About.com.

Watermelon Inspiration

The only thing limiting what you can do with a watermelon is your imagination…and possibly your skills with a knife. Don’t believe me? Check out this compilation of amazing watermelon carvings from Buzzfeed.com.

Good luck, and happy carving!