Sportsmanship Across the Net

We’ve been looking about bringing tennis home for your family during August, and as with all competitive sports, tennis presents an excellent teaching moment for good sportsmanship. The abilities to lose graciously, win humbly and, perhaps most importantly, persevere under challenging circumstances are all skills that will serve your kids in life and in sports. Dr. Darrell J. Burnett has shared a list via P.E. Links 4U designed to help parents and teachers alike discuss good sportsmanship. Here are a few questions to jumpstart your conversation with your kids.

  • Do you follow the rules of the game?
  • Do you make sure everyone has a chance to play?
  • Do you respect the decisions of the officials?
  • Do you respect the other team?
Berdych-Cilic Final: Handshake
Berdych-Cilic Final: Handshake / Roman Boed / CC BY 2.0