Rosette Rolls

The leftovers from Thanksgiving are putting away and dwindling fast, but the demand for good bread with so many of our favorite winter meals (like soups and chilis) remains high. If you still have leftover turkey, why not make your own bulky rolls for leftovers sandwiches? Our expert chef’s Secret Weapon Bread Dough (1 Guiding Star) is the perfect recipe to use with the instructions from The Prepared Pantry on making your own rosette (also known as kaiser) rolls.

Kaiser Rolls - Knotted
Kaiser Rolls – Knotted / Rebecca Siegel / CC BY 2.0

Quick Rosette Shaping Instructions

Divide the dough according to the number of rolls you want. Make a rope of each portion. Tie the rope into an overhand knot with two long tails. Tuck the bottom tail over the top of the knot. Tuck the top tail around the bottom and push the end through the center. (Visual learner? Watch Tammy from Tammy’s Recipes demonstrate the rosette knot.)

A Note on Glaze

The Prepared Pantry notes several ways of using an egg to glaze your rolls. We recommend one egg white whisked with one tablespoon of cold water–you’ll be adding a touch of protein without adding any saturated fat from the yolk.

The Freezer is Your Friend

Baked rolls go stale quickly on the counter, but keep fresh for weeks in the freezer. Freeze whatever you aren’t going to use the day you bake the rolls. The night before you want to use the frozen rolls, pull out just as many as you need to defrost at room temperature.