Resolving to be Fit

Anyone else resolve year after year to get fit in the new year? Anyone else find it difficult to stick to that resolution? Web MD has some great advice for how to approach fitness and overall health in a balanced way that makes that resolution not quite so painful…and much easier to stick with.

1. Think of your entire body! Both cardio and weight-bearing exercises are important for different aspects of our wellness, so look for an exercise plan that incorporates both.

2. Set realistic goals. If you can’t stand what you’re doing for exercise, or if you push yourself so hard that you need an entire week to recover from one workout, you’re going to have a harder time sticking with your plan.

3. Reconnect exercise to your life. Exercise doesn’t have to be an activity unto itself. It can be fun, like having a snowball fight with the kids. It can be practical, like cleaning the house from top to bottom. If you don’t have time for a “workout,” brainstorm more ways to move in the course of your normal activities.