Popsicle Delights

Is it hot enough for you yet? Unless you’ve got a pool and central air conditioning, it’s a good bet that popsicles are an absolute must for your family right about now. With all the fun molds you can find, like these five reviewed by Eating Out Loud, making them at home is great fun for kids or grown-ups. Wondering what to fill them with to keep your frozen treats nutritious?

organic popsicles
Organic Popsicles / Jennifer Chait / CC BY 2.0

1. Go for whole fruit. Make a batch of “Banana Cream” and press it into the molds to freeze. Experiment with your other favorite fruits as well–the natural sweetness of fruits means you won’t miss the added sugar.

2. Try a juice pop. Make sure that the label reads “100% Fruit Juice”–a qualification to earn Guiding Stars. Use juice in smaller molds than you would whole fruit, since juice contains all the sugar of the whole fruit without the beneficial fiber.

3. Try homemade frozen yogurt pops. Remember to choose plain, non-fat yogurts that earn Guiding Stars and sweeten them with whole fruit.

Whatever else you’re doing in the heat, remember to stay hydrated and wear plenty of sunscreen!