Pedal Safely!

It’s a glorious day to be out on a bike, so grab your family and hit the road or a local biking trail! Before you go, make sure you’re familiar with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s guidelines for a safe outing. Most importantly:

1. Wear a properly fitted helmet.

Wearing a helmet reduces risk of head injury from biking accidents, but that’s not enough. Make sure your helmet is in good condition and adjust it to fit properly with the help of the video above.

2. Check brakes and tires.

A slipped chain can usually be managed on the road, but flat tires and bad brakes can let you down at a critical moment. Check your manual to find the proper pressure for  your tires and test all of your brakes before heading out.

3. Be visible.

Don’t ride at night without proper equipment. During the day, wear lighter, easily visible clothing and ride in spots where drivers are most likely to see you if you need to share the road with cars.