Level Up Your Biking Skills

Summer is the prefect time to get your bike on. If you’re newer to riding, Bicycling.com has some excellent tips for helping you safely make the move from low-key recreational biking to biking that will give you a serious workout.

Parisian Bicycle
Parisian Bicycle / Dustin Gaffke / CC BY 2.0

Explore New Routes

If the scenery around you is fresh and engaging, you’ll get more pleasure from your ride. Check out nearby towns for bike paths. If your going to strike out on new roads shared with cars, scout the route out in advance to get a sense of the traffic conditions.

Practice Repairs

On-the-go repairs will be less stressful if you’re comfortable with what needs doing. Practice changing flats, reseating chains and adjusting breaks in the comfort of your own driveway so you’re prepared for minor fixes under pressure.

Ride with Friends

Riding with a group can help boost your speed…and your safety, as a group is more visible to drivers. Find a local group online to pedal along with, or put together a group of your own cyclist friends for good variety.