Grow Your Own Celery

How many times have you bought a package or bunch of celery because of a recipe that called for just a few stalks, or just a few leaves? Not everyone thrills to the idea of snacking on celery, which means that a good portion of a full bunch could turn to inedible liquid in the fridge before anyone tries to eat it. Let’s face it: celery is one of those vegetables that would be handy to have around to pick fresh. Fortunately, growing celery from the base of a purchased bunch is as easy as one, two, three.

Celery rose
Celery Rose / April Griffus / CC BY 2.0

1: Take the base of a bunch of celery (organic works better) and set it cut-side up in a dish of water for 5-7 days, refreshing the water as needed.

2: When leaves appear at the center of the base, transfer the celery to a planter, covering everything but the tips of the leaves.

3: Watch your new plant grow, and enjoy!

For a more detailed tutorial, check out this article at 17 Apart.