Freezer Foods: Fast and Fresh

If you want to make healthy eating a priority, planning ahead to save yourself time is an important step. Some ingredients are easier to prepare in bulk, and to keep them fresh and ready to use, the freezer can’t be beat.

Basil from my herb garden
Basil from my herb garden / Alice Henneman / CC BY 2.0

Smoothie Starters

If you’ve got a favorite produce base for healthy smoothies, such as spinach or berries, puree a large batch in your blender ahead of time. Divide the mix between muffin cups, freeze, and store to be combine with skim milk or plain yogurt when you’re ready. The Kitchn has more detailed tips to get you started.

Easy Herbs

Fresh herbs just don’t last in the fridge, but they will in the freezer! Chop them up when you buy a bunch, pack them into ice cube trays tightly, cover them with low-sodium stock, water or a heart-healthy oil (olive or canola work)  and freeze. Organic Gardening has a picture how-to with great details.

Grab’n’Go Garlic

When you find a good deal on garlic, or when it’s in season at your local farmers’ market, buy up a few heads. Peel them all at once with Saveur’s easy peel tip, and use a food processor to mince them. Pack in olive oil, low-sodium stock or water, as above, and freeze.  Livestrong has a step-by-step tutorial.

How do you use the freezer to shorten your time in the kitchen? Leave us a comment with your awesome ideas.