Family Dinners Matter

During the busy holiday season, taking the time to wrangle the entire family to the dinner table doesn’t always seem like a top priority. We think it’s important to make time for family meals. During December, we’ll be sharing ideas every Wednesday to help you meet your commitment to eating in and eating together. explains why eating together as a family matters.

dinner table
Dinner Table / Katherine / CC BY 2.0

Kids learn to like their veggies.

Family dinners are a great place to have conversations about health and nutrition, and it turns out that kids who eat more with their families eat a higher percentage of fruits and veggies and less soda and fried food.

The portion size is up to  you.

Restaurants tend to serve portions that are substantially larger than what we actually need in a meal. When you eat at home, you and your kids don’t face the temptation to finish a full, oversized meal.

Your wallet will thank you.

Restaurant meals end up costing nearly twice as much per person as meals cooked at home. When you take into account the health benefits (and potentially lower doctor’s bills), eating at home is a big money saver.