A Horn of Plenty

A cornucopia is a classic symbol of the bounty that has symbolized the bounty of the harvest since the days of the ancient Greeks. If you’re playing with bread and looking for a way to turn your golden loaf into a gorgeous centerpiece, what better way to go about it than by making a cornucopia?

This tutorial recommends letting the piece dry, which is ideal for a centerpiece, but less ideal for eating. If you’d like your centerpiece to be a self-tidying work of delicious art, try these tips instead.

Make your own dough.

You can make this cornucopia easily with our Expert Chef’s Secret Weapon Bread Dough (1 Guiding Star) for a white whole wheat masterpiece that is high in nutrition and flavor as well as looks.

Use an egg white wash.

Egg whites work beautifully for a wash to give your cornucopia that finished sheen, and by taking a few seconds to separate out the yolks, you’re adding protein with no extra saturated fat to the finished product.

Fill it with clean, dry fruits.

Wash your fruits well in advance of putting them in the cornucopia so they have time to dry thoroughly. Wet fruit equals soggy bread, which is less delicious.