A Cookout Doesn’t Have To Be A Calorie Blowout

The summer season is upon us and that means a summer full of cookouts celebrating everything from Memorial Day to Fourth of July, graduations, birthdays and family reunions. And, with all these cookouts come a lot of high-calorie and high-fat foods and drinks like chips, beer, soda and desserts.

As I find I’m still trying to shed both holiday and ‘owning my own business’ weight, my goal this summer is to try to demonstrate some discipline. Instead of grabbing soda, my plan is to ask for water or bring my own reusable vessel. Portion control is another obvious goal and as a guest I plan to bring my own low calorie/low fat recipe offering a healthy choice for myself as well as others.

Guiding Stars Expert Chef Erin Dow recently had a great blog post about Greek Yogurt. I have started using it in some of my own recipes lately and I find it to be a great alternative to higher fat ingredients like butter. For example, this summer I plan to try this low fat potato salad recipe:

Low-fat Potato Salad


  • 1½ lbs cooked potatoes
  • 2T Dijon mustard
  • 6 oz low fat yogurt
  • Chopped red onion to taste


So, if you see me at a cookout, look for me with my water bottle and here’s to a fun, safe and healthy summer!

Sarah Wallace works as a freelance writer specializing in social media writing services. She is a mother of two who enjoys quality time with her family and friends while trying to stay fit. Visit her website.