Lobster, By Any Other Name…

Would probably taste just as sweet. Borrowing from Shakespeare, I thought I’d share with you my gastronomic love affair with one of Maine’s most prized delicacies. Food for me has always been an important part of exploring new places, and it played most of the times a big role in shaping my experience as a traveler. Judging from this perspective, Portland could very well be awarded a five-star rating. Easy to discover in the old port area, East coast living means fresh seafood. And this is not only a touristic hook or a food staple, it’s part of local culture and pride. Mainers take special joy in cracking lobsters open and savoring the succulent, sweet, pink-colored flesh, and so have I at my very first lobster bake.

Boiled lobster
Lobster / Irina Fosa

The most tasty and probably the most famous of seafoods, lobsters are a top menu specialty available only in select gourmet restaurants throughout most of Europe. Their abundance in Maine brings lobster meat to a variety of dishes, rolls or sandwiches, turning even the quickest snack into a delicious meal. But lobsters are not all about flavor, they are just as much about healthy and nutritious living. Rich in vitamins and low in fat, they represent a great source of minerals and proteins. A sweet combination.

Originally from Bucharest, Romania, Irina has spent most of her last 5 years in Italy. With a background in communication and strategy, she is currently working based out of Portland, Maine as part of an International Graduate Trainee program. Irina is an adventure traveler and winter sports enthusiast, curious about all things relating to brands, marketing and culture.