5 Reasons Having a Dog Will Keep You Healthy

Man’s best friend is well known for being a great companion, but did you know he/she could make you healthier too?


It’s been proven owning a dog actually makes you happier – you could even get a discount on your life insurance! Bonus: being happier makes you healthier.

Brady and Nicki
Brady and Nicki


Dogs need exercise, just like us. Having to walk or run them for a half hour every day will help you drop pounds on the scale, too.


I’m a certified lifeguard and swim instructor, but my 1 year old lab could still easily outswim me – but then, that’s what he’s bred for. As hot as it’s been this summer already, how about taking your four-legged friend for a dip? It will be a treat for him and you!


Running around and playing with your dog burns calories, just like playing with your kids. So let the child in you out and play some tug o’ war.

A little weight lifting

It’s a little outside-the-box, but you can get your weight lifting time in with a dog. My dog is scared of stairs and at 60 pounds, I can’t afford for him to be afraid of them for much longer. But, lucky for me, I’ve noticed as he’s gotten bigger, I’ve gotten stronger.

Nicki Hicks is a fitness and nutrition enthusiast with a passion for all things healthy and organic. A web marketing specialist and search geek at flyte new media by day, Nicki works to increase her clients’ search engine visibility. By night, you might find Nicki coaching, practicing yoga, or pretending to be an artist. Nicki regularly contributes to the Guiding Stars blog.