10 ways to trick your taste buds into eating healthier

We all know we should be eating healthier; but when a craving strikes, no one can tear that ice cream container out of our hands. Can’t seem to replace those empty cals with healthy ones? Here’s a way – ten, in fact – to kick your bad habits and replace them with a healthier routine.

  1. Like your bread, you carbivore, you? Put down the white bread and pasta and choose a whole wheat option instead.
  2. You’ve made a great salad. You’re so proud you’re doing something healthy for yourself. Then what do you slather on? Dressing. Taking your salad from 200 calories to 500 with only a few tablespoons. Instead, go for a light version you like.
  3. Need something crunchy and salty? Put those potato chips down. Instead, pick up another heart healthy option: almonds. If it’s the salt you crave, sprinkle some sea salt on top.
  4. Love your lattes? Ask for skim milk and no sugar and drop almost half the calories.
  5. Sweet tooth? Chocolate’s a girl’s best friend, but there’s no need to add on the extra pounds because of it. Have dark chocolate on hand and when that sugar craving strikes, have a small piece. Packed with antioxidants, there’s not much reason to feel guilty about this morsel.
  6. It’s Friday, you’ve had a hard week, and it’s time for happy hour. Pass on the beer and have a glass of vino instead. Red is better, and sulfate-free is the best.
  7. Hankering for ice cream? Slice up an avocado instead. Your mouth will delight in the comparable creaminess of the potassium-rich heart healthy treat.
  8. When cooking, skip the habit of melting butter on the pan and use extra virgin olive oil. Fats and calories still, yes, but heart healthy and good fat.
  9. Thirsty? Soda only makes you thirstier. If it’s carbonation you seek, then try calorie-free flavored seltzer water.
  10. In between meals and craving a snack? Don’t go for filling calories. Pick your favorite fruit – an apple, perhaps. Just a few calories, a little sugar, and fiber to boot – you can’t go wrong!

There you have it. Just a few ways to trick those taste buds – and once you develop one healthy habit, the second, third, fourth… are that much easier!

What’s your favorite healthy eating tip?