‘Tis the Season for Love: Love What You Eat, Love What You LookLike

I see and hear about it far too often: fad diets and people punishing their taste buds with flavorless meals – all in the name of losing weight. Well, my friends, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can eat what you enjoy and still look (and feel) great!

It may mean that you need to cut back on portion sizing to or simply switch to a healthier option! Either way, you can delight in knowing you’re pleasuring your taste buds and not packing on the pounds.

I lust after carbs

The truth is we all need carbohydrates in our diets. Like many things, it’s all about balance. If you can’t get enough pasta or bread, fear not. Just switch to 100% whole wheat so you don’t lose the good stuff and watch your portions.

(A nice trick for one serving of spaghetti noodles is to touch the tips of your thumb and pointer finger and create a circle, then use only as many dry noodles as can fit in that circle.)

Something salty? That spells romance

Do potato chips seem like the perfect treat? Why not replace it with America’s favorite movie time snack…popcorn?! That doesn’t mean getting the microwavable kind with extra butter. Instead, air pop some kernels and top with a little bit of sea salt (and no butter, if you can help it).

Popcorn / Ayelie (Editor at Large) / https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

I love, love, love my sweets

I love ice cream just as much as the next person (OK, maybe more). But that doesn’t mean I have to buy Ben & Jerry’s every time I have a sweet tooth. Instead, how about switching to frozen yogurt or sherbet?

If candy is more your style, feel free to indulge – every once in a while – but only have a little bit.

Our indulgences, for better or worse, make us happy. Why not enjoy them…without the guilt?

Nicki Hicks is a fitness and nutrition enthusiast with a passion for all things healthy and organic. A web marketing specialist and search geek at flyte new media by day, Nicki works to increase her clients’ search engine visibility. By night, you might find Nicki coaching, practicing yoga, or pretending to be an artist. Nicki regularly contributes to the Guiding Stars blog.