30 Days on $200 – Say What??

30DaysOn$200_recipebookFINALYes. You read the title correctly….30 Days on $200. The title refers to a new resource guide developed by University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine student Benjamin Slocum that helps provide a one-month plan for how to shop and eat healthy on a budget.

Cost is one of the most commonly cited barriers as to why people don’t purchase more nutritious food. This guide chips away at that notion. It not only provides a real shopping list tailored to a very tight budget but offers a nice variety of recipes and healthy side dishes to get folks cooking. Many of these recipes and sides earn one or more Guiding Stars which is great news for folks looking for an easy, and cost-effective way to bring Guiding Stars into their kitchen.

The guide was brought to life through a sponsorship by Hannaford Supermarkets in partnership with the Biddeford Department of Health and Welfare.

Download the PDF guide from Hannaford’s website. »