MyPlate Fruit & Veggies Video Challenge: Week 11

During this past fall, the USDA hosted a video contest for kids. The challenge: create a 30-second video with tips for making half your plate fruits and veggies, without busting the bank.

We’re excited about all these kids and their great ideas. Kids motivating other kids (and adults!) to eat more fruit and vegetables is a three-star idea.

We wanted to add our voice to the cheer the contest winners for their great videos. Stop by each Wednesday for the next few months to check out a featured contest winner, or pop right over to the USDA contest website and watch them all!

Although we’d like to show the video here, the USDA won’t be able to share these videos outside of their contest website. Follow the link to see what kids have to say about healthier eating.

Honorable Mention:

Tips for Healthy Eating While You’re On the Go

When you’re out and about, the key to keeping half your plate full of fruits and vegetables is planning ahead. This video recommends packing fruits and veggies in sandwich bags to avoid the cost of being tempted to buy a candy bar.

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