Vegetable Flowers

What makes fruit more fun for kids to eat? Turning it into art! Of course, producing tiny little bouquets of carved fruit for your child’s lunch every day is not going to happen–no matter how talented you are, that takes some serious time. What doesn’t take a lot of time, however, are many of these delightful ideas from Funny Food Recipes’ Pinterest board “Kids Food Ideas.” On top of being completely squee-worthy, many of these ideas are simple, would pack nicely in a child’s lunch box, and would possibly even inspire your kids to help you make their lunches.

Hungry strawberries
Hungry Strawberries / Quinn Dombrowski / CC BY 2.0

Strawberry Planters

Cut strawberries  across their width for a delightful array of flowers. Have room for a little diorama? Plant them into cubes of honeydew melon or green grapes for a foliage effect.

Caprese Caterpillars

Alternating tomatoes with mozzarella makes an adorable little bug who would nestle in nicely on a bed of baby spinach, basil, and whatever chopped veggies your kids like on their salad. Add a little balsamic vinaigrette for dipping or dressing.

Alien Invasion

Cherry tomatoes, halved, formed the dome of a flying saucer when they rest on a rice cracker. Cucumber or celery sticks make perfect landing gear to help your child imagine that they need to eat their lunch to save the human race.

What are your favorite fun and easy food tricks for packing delightful lunches for your kids?