Steak Perfection

If you only enjoy a grilled steak once or twice a year, as many of us do as we’re keeping a commitment to healthier eating choices,  you want to be sure that the steak will just about melt in your mouth when you slice into it. Reaching steak perfection is a bit of a trick, but fortunately, Our Best Bites breaks the process down in a thorough tutorial. Here’s a taste of what they suggest:

Flank Steak with Tamarind Glaze and Orange Gremolata
Flank Steak with Tamarind Glaze and Orange Gremolata / The Bitten Word / CC BY 2.0

1. Mind Your Cut

Talk to a butcher instead of just buying the first steak you see in the grocery store. They can help you choose the right cut, and give you advice on cooking with the specific meat. Remember, from a health perspective, redder is better.

2. Trim the Fat

The less fat your cook with, the healthier the resulting steak. It’s also going to make sure that what ends up on your plate is pure, edible, deliciousness.

3. Preseason

We don’t advocate using as much salt as many instructions call for, but rather, choose a marinade with fresh herbs to impart incredible flavor before the meat hits the heat.