Resource Review: The Family Dinner Project

Last week, we shared just a few of the many great reasons for bringing your family together for dinner on a regular basis. The folks behind the Family Dinner Project know what a challenge family dinners can be, whether because you’re short on time or are meeting resistance from the kids. Their website is full of great resources  for making family dinners fun, stress-free and an all around good experience for everyone at your table.

Vegetarian Pot Pie

Simplifying Food Prep

Family dinners require food, which requires time and prep. The Food page has a host of options to make this task less daunting, including a selection of One-Pot Wonder recipes and recipes that are easy to modify according to what you happen to have on hand.

Making Family Time Fun

Whether you’ve got little ones who wiggle or older ones with attitude, the Dinner Games page has tons of inspiration for making table time a more engaging for everyone. If you’re looking for ways to empower your kids in the kitchen, they’ve got a great  list of fun food projects for all ages too.

Having Good Conversations

Family dinners are a nice time to bring the family together over ideas as well as food. If you’re looking for ideas to bring the dinner table conversation beyond “How was your day?” then check out the Conversation Starters page.