Oh, You Glow!

Our skin might be mostly hidden much of the time, but its still our largest organ, and the largest part of our bodies that we (and others!) see. Beyond how the health of our skin impacts our appearance and self-image, it’s also the first line of defense in our immune system. Healthy skin goes a long way to regulating our body temperature, fighting off infection and managing our hydration. Do yourself a favor and make sure your diet includes the foods and nutrients that will keep your skin strong and lovely.


Nutrient Profile: This antioxidant is an especially useful carotenoid (see below). The red pigment helps protect against UV rays, acting as a natural aid to sunscreen.

Get it from: Tomatoes (especially cooked), guava, papaya, pink grapefruit, watermelon


Nutrient Profile: Powerful, free-radical hunters, these antioxidants are responsible for the orange color in fruits and veggies. They build up in subcutaneous fat to impart a healthy glow. Fun fact: You can see this effect in the pink color of salmon and the orange of a cooked lobster.

Get them from: Carrots, tomatoes, mangoes, apricot, pumpkin, cantaloupe


Nutrient Profile: A consistent intake of flavonols, yet another useful antioxidant, can improve skin texture and help provide better protection against sun damage. They also have implications for cancer-prevention and blood pressure management.

Get it from: Dark chocolate (unsweetened is best), red wine, tea, berries, kale

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Nutrient Profile: Is there a part of your body these healthy fats don’t benefit? When it comes to skin, omega-3s help your skin hold onto hydration and

Get it from:


Nutrient Profile:

Get it from: