For week two of National Nutrition Month, we’re continuing our call out of great food and nutrition blogs. This week we’d like to shine the spotlight on Kath Eats REAL FOOD, a blog that began as one woman’s struggle with weight loss and continued on to follow her journey to become a Registered Dietitian. Her philosophy of food revolves around real food and her posts give some fantastic advice on making good nutrition work with realistic expectation for life. Here are a few posts you might enjoy:

Day in the Life of Nutrition – A candid breakdown of a day in Kath’s food life with nutrition facts for everything she eats and a discussion of how it is or isn’t helping her meet her goals.

10 Ways to Eat More Real Food – Ten smart tips to make it easier for you to enjoy wholesome foods without spending as much time in the kitchen and without missing great flavor.

Nutrition Compromises – An honest admission of the nutrition tips that Kath herself doesn’t follow and a list of the tips she does follow and endorse and why.

Guest RD: Rebel Dieting – Kath brings in Kait Fortunato Greenberg, RD of Rebel Dietitian, just one of many guest RD posts bringing in the expertise and perspective of Kath’s colleagues.