How to Use a Soil Blocker

If you’re an avid gardener who prefers to start your plants from seeds, you may have heard of a handy item called a soil blocker. Pros use these gadgets to quickly create uniform blocks of soil with divets at the right depth for each type of seed. The blocks can go directly into the garden, without having to buy peat pots every year or save egg cartons or create waste from plastic trays. Jason Beam’s Soil Blocker Blog offers a great list of tips for beginners, outlining common mistakes you’ll want to avoid. Here are a few particularly useful tips:

melon seedlings

1. Aim for soil the consistency of oatmeal. Too wet or too dry? Either way, you’ll have difficulty getting a good block.

2. Keep the seeds moist and dark. Remember, the goal is to mimic conditions the seeds face in nature.

3. Find the right soil. Different plants thrive in different levels of moisture, so know what’s in your soil and what your seeds want.