Get Dirty to Teach Nutrition

New fruits and vegetables aren’t always the most exciting dishes at the dinner table, but kids are much more willing to try a plant they’ve helped grow. As seed-planting season approaches, consider either starting a small garden with your kids or offering them space in your family plot. These resources offer some great tips for getting kids interested and making the most of the learning opportunity.

Our First Vegetable Garden
Our First Vegetable Garden / James Mann / CC BY 2.0

Kids Gardening

Whether you’d like to find funding for a school garden, news on kids and gardens or just tips for getting kids excited about helping with your family garden, Kids Gardening lives up to its tagline: “Helping young minds grow.”

Gardening with Kids

If you’re looking for step-by-step suggestions, growing tips and suggestions for what to grow, Gardening with Kids has a wealth of information. We especially love their ideas for a Cook’s Garden, and the Odd Behavior Garden can’t help but engage any child’s attention.

Ten Tips on Gardening with Kids

The American Community Gardening Association has put together a great bulletin on kid-centric gardens.  Our favorite piece of advice: “Be comfortable with dirt. All kids are washable.”