Frightful Veggies

If you struggle to convince your kids that vegetables have a legitimate place in candy’s favorite holiday, hope over to 365 Halloween for inspiration. They’ve pulled pictures from around the web showcasing just how terrifyingly tasty vegetables can be. Best of all, these creative vegetables platters are a great opportunity to get the kids involved.

Jack-o’-lanterns / William Warby / CC BY 2.0

Explore new produce. What better way to explore new vegetables than by searching the produce section for body parts?Bring a picture of a skeleton and have the kids look for vegetables that would work well as ribs, leg bones, etc.

Up the “gross” ante. Let the kids carve a pumpkin head to “vomit” a 3 Guiding Stars dip onto the veggie platter. Bonus: Roast those pumpkin seeds to add another healthful snack to the table.

Pull out the edible markers. They work for veggies, not just fruit! Let the kids draw creepy faces on the vegetables before they gobble them down.