Endless Apple Crafts

Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, fall is a great time to explore nutrition with your kids. Apples make a great object lesson, as our dietitian Allison Stowell recently discussed in her post about making the most of your annual trip to the apple farm. Build on those lessons and help make them memorable while keeping your kids entertained with the help of this fun Pinterest board that brings together tons of great apple crafts. Here are a few of our favorites…

fall apple tree craft
Fall Apple Tree Craft / Silly Eagle Books / CC BY 2.0

Apple Wreath

Use a cut apple to trace and stamp apples onto cardstock. Arrange the apples in a wreath and let your child choose a place for it to hang during autumn to bring a little fall spirit to your house.

Apple Cutouts

Slice apples into disks and let your kids use small cookie cutters to take out the cores. If you have Halloween cookie cutters, these make a perfect treat for the school party, especially when paired with Fruity Peanut Butter Dip (substitute Sunbutter for peanut-free classrooms).

Apple Cloud Dough

A mix of flour, oil, sidewalk chalk and spices will give your kids a perfect activity for enjoying those last warm fall afternoon. This fun, powdery sculpting dough keep their hands and noses happily engaged for hours.

Many apple craft inspiration sites also include a lot of recipes for apple desserts and various candied apples. If you and your child are looking together for something to do, less healthy recipes also provide a great chance to talk about sometime foods and to practice making a healthy decision for your activity time.