Bento Inspiration

Getting school lunches together is nothing if not repetitive. And as boring as the lunches get for you to pack, your kids might find them equally boring to eat. Fortunately, kids are easy to delight–all it might take to turn their lunchtime smiles into frowns is a little bit of adorable with their fruits and veggies. Melissa of Another Lunch is a mom with a knack for cute bento-style lunches. Her blog is chalk full of meal ideas, recipes, product reviews and tutorials that are all geared towards helping you make healthy lunches special (and more likely to be eaten) by your kiddos.

cute kitty bento EasyLunchboxes lunch
Cute Kitty Bento / Another Lunch / CC BY 2.0

Bento Boxes

The argument for bento boxes is simple. They reduce waste. They make it easy to send small, kid-friendly portions. They’re well designed for kid hands to pick foods out of. They encourage you to pack whole foods. They offer multiple opportunities for utter cuteness. What’s not to love? This post is a great explanation of many of the different options you can choose from.

Tools You Own

A quick look at the “Favorites” section of Another Lunch will get your creative wheels spinning. Even if you don’t want to put money down on a set of bento boxes, cookie cutters and cupcake liners (especially the reusable silicone ones) can go a long way to creating cute and nicely portioned lunches your kids will be eager to open every day.

Make Lunch a Craft

Turn the loving labor of making sweet lunches into an activity to keep your kids busy on a rainy afternoon. With washable plastic pics and a stack of stickers, you can set them loose creating sets of themed picks that work perfectly for mini fruit kabobs in their lunch box.