Melissa’s Green Breakfast Smoothie

Melissa's Green Breakfast Smoothie.Three Guiding Stars iconThree Guiding Stars indicate the best nutritional value.

This smoothie is the morning go-to for our blog editor, who likes starting her day with good hydration, protein, and fiber. She likes a thinner smoothie because it’s easier to suck through a straw when she’s got to drink it on the road. If you prefer a thick smoothie, start with less water and thin […]

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Tropical Blast Protein Smoothie

Two Guiding Stars iconTwo Guiding Stars indicate better nutritional value.

Dietitian’s Tip: Add 1/2 cup of plain Greek yogurt to any smoothie recipe to increase the protein, calcium and healthy bacteria.  

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Blueberry-Basil Tea Spritzer

Three Guiding Stars iconThree Guiding Stars indicate the best nutritional value.

Dietitian Tips: Try mixing up the flavors! Swap in raspberries or frozen mango instead of blueberries, or try different flavored Seltzer waters with different herbs.

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Cranberry Holiday Punch

No Guiding Stars iconNo Guiding Stars indicate unrated for nutritional value.

For a little decorative flair, make an ice ring set with cranberries and rosemary in a bundt pan. Keeping this nutritionally beneficial is dependent on picking juices that are sweetened with a mix of other juices, not with added sugar.  

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Hot or Cold Chai Smoothie

Hot or Cold Chai SmoothieOne Guiding Stars iconOne Guiding Stars indicate good nutritional value.

There’s no actual tea in this smoothie, but the warm spices will fill your senses like a good cup of chai. By soaking and pureeing cashews, you’re essentially creating something like a thick cashew milk, sweetened lightly by a few dates.

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