Date Paste

Two Guiding Stars iconTwo Guiding Stars indicate better nutritional value.

Date paste is a fantastic alternative to brown sugar in many baking contexts. The sugar they bring to the table comes with the nutrients in dates, making them a more nutritious option than pure sugar. Tip: 12 dates will yield roughly 1 cup of paste. Freeze leftovers in ¼ cup increments for future use.

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Fruit Salad with Ginger Vanilla Dressing

One Guiding Stars iconOne Guiding Stars indicate good nutritional value.

Eating fresh fruit is a tasty way to hydrate and replenish potassium, calcium and magnesium. Honey, lemon juice, vanilla and ginger combine for a delightful dressing for fruit. Enjoy this refreshing salad as a dessert for picnics, potlucks, barbecues and brunches.  

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