Recipes: Breakfast

Banana Bread Pancakes

Pancakes are a perfect candidate for practice your healthier cooking skills. Using all whole wheat imparts a lovely, nutty flavor, and a simple ripe banana contributes all the sugar you need while replacing the egg nicely. A few spices for pizzazz and a handful of nuts for protein, fiber and omega-3s give you a simple… Read more »

Quinoa Fruit Bake

Make this dish the night before and reheat in the microwave, or whip it up fresh for a brunch. You’ll love the combination of sweet spices and crunchy quinoa topping.

Buckwheat Pear Chia Pancakes

Lightly sweetened, filled with fruit and spiced to perfection, these tender pancakes will require no butter or syrup to become a beloved dish at your family’s table. Mix up the combination of fruit and spices seasonally or to find your family’s favorite flavor.

Honey Peach Pancakes

When beating egg whites to form peaks, avoid plastic and wooden utensils, which can harbor fat particles that will ruin the fluffy structure of the whipped proteins. Use any fruit of your choice in this delicate creation that’s perfect for spoiling yourself when you have the luxury of a morning alone.

Quinoa Granola

Many granolas are packed with sugar and fat, but this lightly sweetened, high-protein variety is a treat you can enjoy without fear. Eat alone or with non-fat, plain yogurt and fresh fruit.

Quinoa Granola

Vegan Peanut Butter Pancakes

Lightly sweet and delightfully nutty, these pancakes will fill you up and keep you there. Remember that the best topping for pancakes is fresh fruit. Bananas and mango are high-sugar fruits that will guarantee that you won’t miss syrup.

Breakfast Cookies

Don’t let breakfast be a hassle. Keep a cooked batch of these in the freezer and pull out to thaw if you’re expecting a crazy morning.