2019 On the Shelves: Food Trends Lookout

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at 12:00pm

Using industry data, recent publications, and their professional expertise, Garrick Brown, Guiding Stars Nutritionist and Anne L’Heureux, Online Hannaford Dietitian, share their insights and highlight the top trends to hit the supermarket shelves in 2019.

Their discussion will cover the following:

  • The continuing rise of plant-based protein alternatives
  • Fodmap’s growing impact following 2018
  • The demand for nutrition from processed snacks
  • Is coconut losing ground to conflicting research?
  • Clean eating and its growing popularity

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Your Hosts

Garrick Brown 2018
Garrick Brown, MS, RD, LD
Nutritionist, Guiding Stars Licensing Company
As a Registered Dietitian, Garrick brings knowledge of nutrition and public health to Guiding Stars. Garrick develops, manages and coordinates nutrition and wellness programs and tools utilizing Guiding Stars for our clients and community. He is passionate about helping people lead healthier lives and making the healthy choice the easy choice. Garrick has experience in community, research, and clinical nutrition and most recently worked for the University of New England as the Senior Nutrition Program Coordinator for Maine SNAP-Ed. There he managed and trained nutrition educators in a statewide nutrition education program for low-income Mainers. Garrick earned his bachelor's in Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Maine and his master's in Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Rhode Island. Garrick grew up in central Maine and feels fortunate to be living and working back in Maine. Favorite Guiding Stars Recipe: Two-Lentil Soup
Anne LHeureux
Anne L’Heureux, RD, LD
Online Hannaford Dietitian
Anne earned her BS from the University of Medicine & Dentistry in Newark, New Jersey. Anne has been a dietitian with Hannaford since 2015, beginning her Hannaford career in the Kennebunk and Biddeford, Maine, retail stores. As a dietitian, Anne strives to help customers navigate the large and sometimes confusing world of nutrition.

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