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Dodging Dehydration

This webinar addresses risk factors for dehydration, explains why it’s important to stay hydrated, highlights how to recognize when it’s more than just “being thirsty,” and offers the best “hydration helpers” to maintain hydration while avoiding the extra sugar, added calories and other negative attributes that come with some summer drinks.

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Probiotics Primer: The Connection Between Food, The Body and Good Bacteria

What is the real connection between your diet and the health of your gut? Alli and Kit explain the latest research around “good” bacteria (probiotics), including how probiotics impact both gut health and overall health, as well as the implications of recommending probiotics in a clinical or community setting.

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2017 On the Shelves: Food Trends Lookout

Kit and Alli share their insights about trends that are likely to hit supermarket shelves during 2017. Using trends data, recent publications and their personal contacts with leaders in the food industry, Kit and Alli highlight their top seven trends for 2017.

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Calories Close Up: A Detailed Look at the Energy Unit that Rules Our Diets

We all know about calories: many dieters spend a lot of time and effort in their day-to-day lives counting calories. But how well do you really know this common energy unit? Join us to learn about the science behind calories and the “real life” implications of this science.

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Healthy Grilling: Avoiding the BBQ pit(falls)

Dijon Wine Steak Kebabs with Mushroom Wild Rice

While grilling is a very healthy way to cook, the foods we put on the grill and what we pair it with can quickly turn a good meal bad. This webinar provides you with recipes, cooking techniques, and other tips you need to savor a long afternoon with friends and family while still making healthy choices.

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Real-Life Tips for More Nutritious Meals

In this webinar, Kit and Alli’s philosophy on straightforward nutrition and real-life diet advice will help participants learn how to put their “best fork forward” to move toward a healthier pattern of eating… one bite at a time.

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Mindful Meals: Creating Delicious, Nourishing and Satisfying Food

How can making mindful choices lead to better nutrition? We’ll look at how our choice of foods, the way we prepare those foods, and other aspects of meal time impact our satisfaction and eating enjoyment (and ultimately the nutritional quality of our diet).

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2016 On the Shelves: Food Trends Lookout

Fruit and vegetables on forks

Kit and Alli share their insights about some of the hot food topics and answers your questions. As we consider what’s on the top of everyone’s mind in the food world, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of the top food trends for 2016.

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