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Say Hello to My Lentil Friends

Growing up in rural Maine, I always though that lentil was just another moniker for split peas, those little lovelies that cook into a scrumptiously heavy winter soup. Not so! I still don’t know exactly what to make of the botanical difference between dried field peas (split peas) and pulses (lentils), but I can give you a quick breakdown on what’s generally out there and what to do with it.

Say Hello to My Lentil Friends

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Meet Our Expert Chef

Meet Our Expert Chef

Looking for food with great flavor, stellar nutrition and easy preparation? Our Expert Chef will help you bring Guiding Stars to your home kitchen with a gourmet flare.

Erin Dow is an experienced chef, caterer and mom who knows how to deliver quality to the pickiest crowd. Each month, Erin uses Guiding Stars to create a new recipe to help you feed your family nutritious food they’ll adore.

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