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For the last ten years, Guiding Stars has been making nutrition as easy as 1, 2, 3. We analyze foods using a patented algorithm and translate the nutrition information to a rating system that is easy to understand.


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“Brunchless” Mother’s Day

Brunch is truly my favorite meal--especially when it's paired with a relaxing day and the “nowhere I need to be" feeling. That said, I also like variety and honoring every Mother’s day the same way year after year doesn’t exactly scream “creativity.” This year, surprise your mom with a day of honoring that passes on brunch, but still delights. Plant her a bountiful garden. A garden of herbs and vegetables can be the start to many summer meals. Plant a garden for mom (pots on a patio…

“Brunchless” Mother’s Day

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Mindful Meals: Creating Delicious, Nourishing and Satisfying Food

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To celebrate National Nutrition Month®, we took a look at how our choice of foods, the way we prepare those foods and other aspects of meal time impact our satisfaction and eating enjoyment (and ultimately the nutritional quality of our diet).

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Celiac Awareness Month: Gluten-free Flour Options

  Scientific advisor Kit Broihier joins Maine's WCSH6 to talk about some gluten-free flour options.

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Pack a Picnic

Get outside! Get moving! Go fly a kite! Go climb a mountain! Spring is here and summer is just around the corner--there is no better time to be active with your friends and family. Of course, living a healthy lifestyle means making nutritious choices to fuel your body on the…

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Enjoying Screen-Free Week

Did you know that every year since 1994 there has been a week dedicated to turning off the TV? Originally called TV-Turnoff, Screen-Free Week is a chance for both kids and adults to power down from our dependence on screen-based entertainment and find joy in other things—cooking together, books, nature,…

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