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Stock a Make-Ahead Pantry

Are you on board with cooking less? Is your kitchen equipped for make-ahead cooking? Great! Now let’s talk pantry. Allrecipes.com has a nice list of good items to keep on hand in your pantry. If you routinely keep your kitchen stocked with their recommendations, you can feel quite confident of your ability to make a wide range of recipes from your cupboards any given night. Here are a few tweaks we’d recommend to cut down the time you spent in the kitchen.

Stock a Make-Ahead Pantry

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Partner Spotlight: The University of North Dakota

Partner Spotlight: The University of North Dakota

The University of North Dakota partnered with Guiding Stars to help meet its objectives around nutritious dining. A campus study showed that an overwhelming 94% of diners are aware of Guiding Stars and 82% find the program helpful.

“Educating your diners about healthy food is easy with Guiding Stars. We were looking for a nutrition guidance program that would help our campus community identify healthier options and we found it in Guiding Stars.” Dustin Frize, RD, LRD University of North Dakota Dining Services Dietitian

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Food Finder

Search for any of 50,000 foods in the Guiding Stars database and view the zero, one, two or three star nutrition rating for that food.

ex. Baked Lays