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Basic Curry

A simple curry is a wonderful way to enjoy a flavorful vegetable dish. For cooks new to the world of curry, this recipe is a good introduction. Don’t worry if you can’t find the specialty spices: the dried version available at your usual grocery store will work just as well, just taste as you go. Pair with whole grain naan or pita bread and serve with a side of greens for a completely satisfying and scrumptious addition to your plant-based recipe arsenal.

Basic Curry

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Meet Our Expert Chef

Meet Our Expert Chef

Looking for food with great flavor, stellar nutrition and easy preparation? Our Expert Chef will help you bring Guiding Stars to your home kitchen with a gourmet flare.

Erin Dow is an experienced chef, caterer and mom who knows how to deliver quality to the pickiest crowd. Each month, Erin uses Guiding Stars to create a new recipe to help you feed your family nutritious food they’ll adore.

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