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For the last ten years, Guiding Stars has been making nutrition as easy as 1, 2, 3. We analyze foods using a patented algorithm and translate the nutrition information to a rating system that is easy to understand.


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Safe, Handy Munchies

Who doesn't love a good snack? Finding nutritious munchies can be tough period, and adding food allergies makes the equation that much more challenging. We've put together a list of fun and tasty foods that have few and easily modified issues for most common food allergies. Enjoy! Fruit Leather Rolls Turn snack-prep time into a fun family affair! Kids can gain some agency in their eating choices by picking their favorite fruits for the puree mix. (3 Guiding Stars) Carrot Chips Whether you pick regular carrots or the increasingly popular rainbow carrots,…

Safe, Handy Munchies

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Great nutrition starts in your kitchen. Browse through our extensive recipe database for star-worthy recipes that will inspire you and make feeding your family nutritious food a little easier.

Mindful Meals: Creating Delicious, Nourishing and Satisfying Food

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To celebrate National Nutrition Month®, we took a look at how our choice of foods, the way we prepare those foods and other aspects of meal time impact our satisfaction and eating enjoyment (and ultimately the nutritional quality of our diet).

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Have you tried aquafaba yet?

The word itself sounds like the name of a fabulous new water park, doesn’t it? Of course it’s not (or I wouldn’t be writing about it here), but judging by the growing number of aquafaba fans, “fabulous” might indeed be an apt description of this culinary wonder ingredient. I’m a bit late to the aquafaba party, but I’m ready now to get more familiar with this intriguing ingredient; here’s what I’ve found out…   What exactly is aquafaba? Aquafaba (a word created from…

Have you tried aquafaba yet?

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DIY Fruit Leather

Fruit leather is a tasty treat that travels nicely, but it can be tough to find options that aren't loaded with extra sugar and don't cost a bundle. Making your own is a little time-intensive, but it's a cheap snack that can turn into a fun family activity on a…

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Super Barbecue Swaps

A summer barbecue is the best way to spend a long afternoon, with kids and adults alike enjoying lawn games and savoring the outdoors. Of course, along with the playing may be an extended afternoon of eating too, and sometimes not the best choices. I’ve narrowed it down to the…

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