Dodging Dehydration

Webinar recorded at 12:00 PM ET on July 12, 2017.

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The warmer months call for a greater emphasis on dehydration prevention. Since many of us are not meeting our daily hydration goals, the potential for dehydration always exists, but combine it with a summer afternoon outdoors or a warm environment indoors and that potential increases. This brief webinar will address risk factors for dehydration, explain why it’s important to stay hydrated, highlight how to recognize when it’s more than just “being thirsty” and offer the best “hydration helpers” to maintain hydration while avoiding the extra sugar, added calories and other negative attributes that come with some summer drinks.

This webinar will cover:

  • Signs & symptoms of dehydration for different age groups
  • The risks of not being properly hydrated
  • The importance of fluid balance for a healthy body
  • Common causes of dehydration
  • Fluid intake guidelines
  • Suggestions for increasing fluid intake
  • Tips for staying hydrated beyond water

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