Grilled Summer Vegetables

Grilled Summer VeggiesThree Guiding Stars iconThree Guiding Stars indicate the best nutritional value.

If your grill is only ever filled with meat, you’re missing out on some amazing flavors. Lightly marinated vegetables are their best when slightly charred on a grill.

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Roasted Tomato Sauce

Roasted Tomato SauceOne Guiding Stars iconOne Guiding Stars indicate good nutritional value.

Start with scratch for the most amazing tomato sauce! Stoneware or enameled cast iron is best for this recipe, but any non-reactive (i.e., not plain cast iron or light-colored aluminum) will work fine. The additions of fresh basil leaves and a bit of fresh orange juice brighten all of the flavors and balance the deep […]

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Garlic-Lime Black Bean & Avocado Spread

Garlic-Lime Black Bean and Avocado SpreadTwo Guiding Stars iconTwo Guiding Stars indicate better nutritional value.

Enjoy this spread as a dip with veggie strips and baked chips. Stir in extra veggies to make it a more robust meal: good candidates include jalapenos, corn, and black beans. Layer it in a wrap with grilled chicken, lettuce, and tomatoes for an easy lunch. If you like a little heat, serve it with […]

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Grilled Tuna with Fire & Ice Salsa

Grilled Tuna with Fire and Ice SalsaThree Guiding Stars iconThree Guiding Stars indicate the best nutritional value.

Tuna steak is a delicious treat once in a while, although the large tuna from which steaks are taken is on the high mercury list. This salsa pairs well with any robust fish, so if you’d like a more workaday dish, talk to your local grocery store’s seafood department about the best local, sustainable fish […]

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