Guiding Stars Advisor to Speak at FMI Health &Wellness Conference

Public Health: The Role Food Retailers Can Play

Jeremy Nobel, MD, MPH, public health expert and adjunct faculty member at the Harvard School of Public Health, will be moderating a panel discussion at the FMI Health & Wellness Conference in Orlando on March 20.  Entitled “Food and Health: Changing The Way We Think About Public Health By Putting Food First,” the discussion will include Dennis Milne, National Director, Business Relations, Nutrition & Obesity Strategies Department at the American Heart Association, and Julie Greene, Marketing Manager and Director of Healthy Living at Hannaford. Dr. Nobel is a scientific advisor to Guiding Stars Licensing Company.

Dr. Nobel and the panelists will make the case that food retailers, as trusted community-based shopping destinations, can positively impact food choices and food consumption by informing and directing shoppers toward the healthier, more nutritious foods in the store.