Kelley Fitzpatrick, M.Sc.

Kelley Fitzpatrick is President of Manitoba-based NutriSciences Solutions. She has close to thirty years of expertise in functional food and natural health products (FFNHP) including in the areas of regulatory reviews and submissions; scientific and consumer presentations, bibliographies, newsletters and articles; due diligence and feasibility studies, business plans and market trend.  Her work has focused on building relationships between the agriculture, food and health sectors and promoting the health benefits of Canadian crop resources. Upon completion of an advanced degree in nutrition, she began a career focused on the development and marketing of healthy foods and dietary ingredients. Kelley has spent more than twenty years working with government agencies, trade associations, the media and industry. She is a frequent guest on talk shows, provides presentations on Canadian health products globally and publishes extensively on healthy foods and dietary supplements. Kelley has been instrumental in adapting the Guiding Stars nutrition rating algorithm to specifically meet the dietary standards of Canada.