Guiding Stars takes the guesswork out of nutritious shopping by eliminating the need to compare every item in the store, saving consumers time.  Guiding Stars points you and your family to nutritious choices with a quick glance.

The Guiding Stars program received patent protection (US Patent No. 7,974,881) in July 2011. It is a nutrition guidance program that rates the nutritional quality of food using information from the Nutrition Facts Panel and the ingredients list.  Foods are rated and receive a score based on the assignment of credits and debits. Rated foods are marked with easy-to-follow tags indicating 0, 1, 2, or 3 stars. The more nutritional value a food has, the more Guiding Stars it receives. If a food doesn’t receive a star – it means it doesn’t meet our rigorous criteria.

  • One Guiding Star indicates good nutritional value
  • Two Guiding Stars indicate better nutritional value
  • Three Guiding Stars indicate the best nutritional value

As you go through each aisle of the store or navigate through your cafeteria, the Guiding Stars program can help you identify more nutritious choices. Guiding Stars is not intended to tell you what to buy, but rather point you toward foods that have more vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, whole grains –and less fats, cholesterol, sugar and sodium.

Guiding Stars is objective, based on consumer research, and not influenced by price, brand or manufacturer trade groups. And with over 100,000 rated foods, making nutritious choices for you and your family is now simple… and even fun.