Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop has been around for more than 100 years and counting. A lot has changed in all that time; for example, they’ve grown in size and in scale. They now operate more than 400 stores throughout New York, New England and New Jersey. They started small, back in 1914 when the Rabinowitz family opened a small grocery store in Somerville, MA. Four years later, they came up with the modern self-service supermarket and by 1947, the company had grown into a flourishing chain of 86 supermarkets. A real-life American dream come true.

And the dream is still going strong. Stop & Shop has become a household name to customers and a leader in the retail grocery industry, pioneering the superstore concept that everyone loves. They have accomplished a lot, like expanding and offering new products and technologies and providing top-level service to all of their customers.