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Healthful Eating on a Budget

Are you budget-minded and nutrition-savvy? Do you find it challenging to stretch your food dollars? We break down the perceived barriers to healthful eating and provide great new shopping strategies and recipes to try.

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Healthier Home Cooking

Let’s get cooking! In this webinar, you’ll learn how changes in home-cooking in modern history have impacted our health and leave equipped with tools to turn that knowledge into healthy, delicious meals.

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Healthy Cooking for You or Two

Do you tend to rely on prepared foods, take out or restaurants because it feels like too much “work” to cook at home? You’re not alone. There are, however, many benefits to preparing homemade meals, whether you’re cooking for one or four.

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Hold the Salt: Added Sodium in Today’s Diets

The news resounds with warnings to eat less salt. Food labels proudly boast “low sodium.” But sodium continues to be commonplace in our food supply. How does this impact our health?

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Good Golly, Gluten! Inside the Gluten-Free Revolution

Every store and restaurant you walk into now seems to sport their wide array of gluten-free options with pride. Guiding Stars nutrition experts explore why this trend has grown so quickly and what its wider implications may be.

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Navigating Nutrition Labels

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Nutrition labeling systems impact the way we choose and consume food, which means that the world of labeling is a fascinating forum for innovation in nutrition education. Join Guiding Stars nutrition experts for this webinar to learn more about the history of various systems and what they mean for the way we make choices about food.

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The Added Sugars Debate

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Sugar, sugar everywhere! With growing concerns over sugar overload in the diet, this Guiding Stars webinar will explore the debate over the impact of added sugars on our health and how science, legislation and other influences affect our consumption.

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School Nutrition: Feeding the Next Generation

How do school nutrition programs and our approach to feeding our children impact their future health? Strategies for improving the diets of school age children are emphasized in this webinar.

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