Snack Healthy: The Rise of Mini-Meals

Snack Healthy: The Rise of Mini Meals

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(Recorded Tuesday, June 9, 2015 12:00 pm ET)

The days of three square meals may be a thing of the past. Busy daily schedules, limited time for cooking and the ever increasing popularity of smoothies, juices, protein bars, power bowls and the like are packing many nutrients into quick, on-the-go options. Bigger than snacks, these “mini meals” nourish us throughout the day and have the potential to work together to satisfy our nutrient needs.

As we explore the best ways to make use of a mini-meal strategy, you will learn:

  • The difference between snacking and grazing.
  • How snacking and the rise of “mini meals” are impacting our overall food intake and how this influences our day.
  • The importance of balancing mini meals and ensuring they are providing the nutrition we need to create a healthful day.
  • How to address the challenges to remaining conscious and mindful about our eating when we choose mini meals over traditional meals.
  • How to “build” the ideal mini meal or snack.

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