Request for Guiding Stars Materials

Thank you for requesting materials to help your customers make the best of Guiding Stars! This quarter’s promotional materials include recipe cards for Banana Nog (3 Guiding Stars), Apple-Date Torte (2 Guiding Stars), and Rainbow Root Soup (2 Guiding Stars). Materials will be shipped in early October.

  • Please fill out one form for each store materials should be shipped to.
  • Order Additional Recipe Cards

    Additional recipe cards from previous promotions are available in limited quantities. Printable files for these recipes are available upon request. For physical cards, please send your payment to: Guiding Stars Licensing Co PO Box 819 Portland, ME 04104 Tele: (207) 885‐3411 Fax: (207) 885‐3206 Contact: Sue Till
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  • Order Digital Recipe Card Files

    Digital versions of our recipe card files are also available at no charge for your own printing.