Mix in Whole Grains

It’s January, which means it is New Year’s resolution season. You probably have heard coworkers, friends, and family talk about which foods they are cutting out of their diet in order to get back on track after the holiday season. I want to give a gentle nudge during this time of increased attention on what and how we choose to eat: let’s try to focus on eating more nutritious foods rather than trying to stop eating foods or entire good groups altogether, like grains. It may sound better to phrase a goal as trying to eat more of something rather than eat less, but I promise it’s not just semantics. Smaller, incremental change is more feasible and supports long-term success. 

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Whole Grain Primer

Pumpkin Overnight Waffles

We throw the term “whole grains” around a lot. Whole grain callouts can be found on bread, crackers, and other “grainy” products, while images of farms and growing grains abound in the marketing of the brands that produce these products. While many of us know we should be seeking whole grains and believe we know when we’re consuming them, we can always use a moment to remind ourselves of the power of whole grains.

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