8 “Healthy” Foods to Break-Up With

Our relationships with different foods can remarkably resemble our relationships in life: they can be healthy, beneficial, and evolving; or burdensome, boring, and stuck in a rut — following patterns that just don’t serve our best interest. That’s when it’s time to break up with the unhealthy foods that are bringing us down. But what if we think our relationship with a specific food is healthy when, in fact, it’s really undermining our well being?

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Guiding Stars Weighs in on Proposed Changes to National Dietary Guidelines

A few key recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee struck a chord with the Guiding Stars Scientific Advisory Panel. Specifically, Guiding Stars supports the recommendation to remove the restriction on dietary cholesterol intake given the lack of evidence linking dietary cholesterol to heart disease risk in the general population. Guiding Stars also expressed support for reducing the intake of added sugars, implementing changes to the Nutrition Facts Label, as well as consumer outreach and education to help achieve improved health for Americans.

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Guiding Stars is Now Largest Nutrition Guidance Program in North America

Portland, Maine (October 30, 2014)—Guiding Stars, the leading independent nutrition guidance program, today announced it is now the most widely implemented program of its kind in North America, helping consumers in 2,100 grocery stores and supermarkets in the U.S. and 10 Canadian provinces and two territories to make more nutritious choices when shopping for themselves and their families.

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Nationwide Rollout of Guiding Stars Nutrition Guidance Program Could Help Improve Americans’ Diet

Portland, Maine (June 11, 2014)—With poor diet blamed for killing more Americans than smoking, drinking and drug use combined, a new study indicates that simply adding the Guiding Stars at-a-glance nutrition guidance program to products and supermarket shelf tags across the nation could contribute significantly to curbing the national nutritional health crisis.

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