11 Healthy DIY Holiday Gifts

There is one thing I consistently avoid during the holiday season. I refuse to give candy, chocolate or gourmet desserts as a gift. Okay, maybe it is the “dietitian side” of me that just can’t go there (and let’s be honest, most people would be surprised if I did), but honestly during a season of indulging and decadent foods, do we really need gifts that encourage more of the same?

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Energy-Fueled Snacks & Lunches for the Kids

You recognize the signs of a slow decline to boring school lunches and snacks. You see the signs in the same shopping list, the lack of interest on your child’s face when you run through the list of options and snacks that stick around in their lunch bag day after day. But that brand-new bento box and those reusable pouches and containers were supposed to inspire perfectly balanced, innovative lunches and snacks, right?

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What Food Expiration Dates Really Mean

You may be surprised to know that dates are actually only required by federal law on baby formula. That said, most states have their own laws that require foods to be stamped with an open date (calendar date) along with a definition. Let’s start with a review of what those dates mean.

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